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Kenki Tujimoto × Kouki Tujimoto  Twin brothers Exhibition

Kenki Tujimoto × Kouki Tujimoto  Twin brothers Exhibition

Gallery EM is pleased to announce “ oil painting & Japanese painting”, the collaboration by twin brothers of Kenki and Kouki Tsujimoto from February 16th through February 24th, 2019,
featuring over the latest 20 works by each artist.
Two artists were born in Nagasaki city in 1989.

Kenki has been studying in Nagasaki and awarded the Yataro Noguchi prize in Nagasaki prefectural exhibition when he was eighteen, the youngest winner at that time , and the Kenzou Matsumura prize in Shouwakai exhibition of Nichidou Gallery. He is a oil painter who has received many other prizes and participated in many group exhibitions in Japan.

Kouki has been busily creating Japanese paintings in Tokyo since he graduated from Tama Art University in 2012. He has held many solo and group exhibitions in Japan and Taiwan after that. He has participated in ART FAIR TOKYO since 2013 until 2018.

We hope you enjoy each artist’s original world.